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                The Power of Intention

“Our intention creates our reality.” ~ Wayne Dyer


In order to truly manifest our dreams, we must set our intention. This helps us stay focused, directs our mind, and keeps us true to our purpose. Lacking intention affects us because we are constantly straying from our goal without truly realizing it. If we set our intention, we actually align ourselves with the energetic forces of the universe, making anything possible.


I want to share a little story of setting intention. About a year ago, my daughter was entering a scholarship contest that also was part of an entire day of events here locally. One of the guest speakers was author, Marianne Williamson. I love Marianne and set the intention to see her. Unfortunately, the tickets were sold out. I went to bed knowing I would somehow get into the event and I woke up with the same intention. The morning of the event, I headed out with my daughter. As we got up to the front of the line, the lady asked my name and I told her. She said she didn’t see me on the list of ticketholders. I told her my daughter was part of the scholarship program and she said, “Well, okay, just head on in.”


Marianne was not going to be speaking until after lunch. So, at lunch, my daughter and I headed to a local restaurant not far from the event. We ordered and my daughter went to the back to sit down. The tables in this place are really close together and as I sat down, I saw Marianne Williamson sitting about one foot from me. I looked over at her and said, “Would you happen to be Marianne Williamson?” Yes, she said and as my daughter’s jaw dropped open, I explained to her that I had set the intention all week to see her today. We then spent lunch discussing the power of intention. As we all left to return to the event, she told me to come see her at her table. When we got back to the event, she gave me her latest book, “The Law of Divine Compensation,” signed to me in Sisterhood.


I know it was the forces of the universe working to make things happen for me, working with me to give me what I wanted, intended and needed.


Set your intention and believe you are worth it!  You will start creating amazing changes in your life.


Staci has been the answer to my prayers.  She is not only blessed with the ability to guide me in positive directions that allow me to turn from fear and move forward in love, but she also has the most charitable soul of any one I have ever worked with.  She allows me to feel her love and committment to my success.  Anyone that works with Staci will be blessed with an understanding of what love truly is.

Kristina Taylor ~ Arizona



I have truly enjoyed working with Staci. Her gift flows from her naturally and her sense of caring is evident through her work. She has been able to help guide me away from fear and into not only, hearing my own voice, but actually listening to it with confidence. Having the opportunity to work with Staci, has been a wonderfully, positive experience and I would highly recommend her for guidance and life coaching.

Renee Galey ~ Colorado

I've known Staci for over 30 years. Her understanding, keen observation, compassion, and ability to see the unseen is remarkable.  She is able to help me understand my father's passing and helps me along the way with how he is.  I miss my father but Staci helps by bringing his spirit closer to home.  

Lee Weldon ~ Texas

It took me many years to start to allow myself to trust my own intuition.  We are taught to disregard our inner knowing in lieu of ’truths’ our cultures teach us.  When I started my personal journey to understand the gifts given to me and chose to live out of gratitude daily, my consciousness rapidly opened to higher levels of awareness. Let me help you gain the confidence to listen to your own inner wisdom, to connect with your guides and loved ones on the other side, as well as remember why you are here on this earth at this time in history.      

Blessings and love, Staci French  

Medium ~ Psychic
Life Guide


Displaying a natural ability to "feel" the truth, Staci has allowed me to be able to hear clear information.  In turn, this has enabled me to move forward in my life in letting go of my fears and opening to all possibilities.  She has helped me see I have always had a great deal of potential in my life but lived out of fear which has blinded me to some of these opportunities.  I would recommend her to anyone wanting to seek out the "truth."

Natalie Jean ~ Utah

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