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Soaking In The Light Of Self-Love

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

It is the first day of a new 365-page book we all get to write. A brand new year of possibilities, opportunities, lessons and, if we allow, endless creative prospects. As much sadness as I have felt for the last twenty-four hours, paradoxically, I am looking forward to increasing all of my mindful kindness in every moment of my life, in all interactions starting this first day of the New Year.

What I have come to realize through the deep sadness I have felt is that the year 2015 was one of truly understanding the lesson of self-love and letting go. I spent literally four decades doing everything I could to get those who love me to simply be present with me, to connect at a deep heart level. I learned at a very young age I was not enough. My self-worth became wrapped around attempting to figure out how to make chaos and crazy sane by being a “good” girl, by being a certain way depending on what person I desired to genuinely connect with. Perfection, hiding of my true self, having no personal boundaries, guilt, and eventually the loss of whom I was born to be was all part of my daily routine. I became what I thought those who loved me wanted me to be, needed me to be.

It has taken me forty years to finally figure out the only way I can honestly make a difference in the world is to be true to me, Staci French. What other people think of me, no matter what role they play in my life cards, is absolutely none of my business. Yes, I still work on this daily since it took so many eras to acquire; I know it will be a constant, conscious decision I make…to forever be faithful to me.

I see this awakening happening to many around me and throughout the world. The Universe, God, Krishna, Buddha, the Angels, whatever term you use, is doing everything it (they) possibly can to get us to wake up. Reality is even awake, the only way we can consciously shift the energy on this planet to pure love, is to open our hearts and love ourselves first and foremost. Even our own sun is assisting in this opening of our hearts by spewing new energy from its’ surface catapulting that power onto our planet.

The news media is doing everything they can to make us believe different. We are surrounded and bombarded with negative, horror and straight up crazy. The truth though is we are capable of shifting the evil by bringing it into our collective awareness of the light. There are enormous shifts happening in the Universe. If we can all start to connect with the darkness and allow the cracks of light to seep in, the dark loses power. This makes room for the brilliant light, the real connection we all desire, we all came from. It is impossible to love yourself, to embrace your entire being without excavating your own darkness, break it open and let the light in. It is the path through the fear, the route to the beauty and brilliance of self-love.

We are running out of time, the world needs us all to step up now. We have been wallowing in “what about me” for way to long now. As human soul beings, we have the ability to turn the tide. The Angels are aligned with us, doing all they can to get our attention. Frankly, we need to take ourselves on…now! Self-love!

If you are not there yet, wounded and wondering where to start, message me. We have all been there or are just rolling out of the quicksand ourselves. I am here to serve and we are literally all here to Walk Each Other Home!

Love to all of you…and may 2016 be Your Best Year Ever!!!

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