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Honoring Your Path

Updated: Oct 17, 2020


“Being a parent is an incredible, humbling gift. Making millions and saving the world are honorable traits. If you truly want to change the world on every level, honor your path and live your truth.” ~ Staci French

In a society where “busy” somehow is tied to our self-worth, it is extremely difficult to sometimes stay true to our path. In fact, it is a wonder we even can remember our truth. The age of technology has provided us unending amounts of instant information at our fingertips yet very little understanding. We have instant gratification, instant answers, and relationships without any physical interaction ever. This age of technology makes it difficult to stop long enough to get quiet, to connect to source, to ‘feel’ whom we are and where we came from.

I know as a mother, an employee, a volunteer, an activist, a business owner, etc., I sometimes cannot even remember my name because I am going in so many different directions. When there are three seconds to pause and reflect, my first thought is usually something like, “Oh, the dishes need to be done and the laundry needs folding but all I want to do is lay under the stars and dream.” Most times, I end up doing the dishes, then the laundry and spending thirty seconds under the stars...maybe.

I know for many of my friends and myself, we are extremely hard on ourselves. We allow societal pressures and all that is “expected” of us to dictate who we should be. I often think about the Natives and how their life was spent hunting, cooking and gathering. There were not these other 986 million things that were expected of them. Do not get me wrong, their lives were extremely difficult and yet they were also simple. You worked to survive. Now, we work to pay our mortgage, utilities, food, car loan, gym membership, wifi, cell phones, membership to internet sites to ‘find friends’ and the list goes on and on. Yet, we do not know our neighbors name. Many times, we do not even know our “friends” real name that we play Internet games with every single day.

There is an awakening happen. For some, it is a slight uncomfortable shift that they are not sure is even real. For others, it is as if they have lived life under a mushroom and someone just picked their mushroom house for their dinner, letting the light in. Then, there are those of us that have felt this coming for many, many years. It is time for us to stand up to the societal expectations and honor our own path. To honor our own path is to honor the truth that lives within us, the truth we came from, the truth of the Universe, the truth of Oneness.

I challenge you to allow yourself to play with your kids, to go for a run, to go to yoga class, to sit and talk with friends, to lay under the stars and dream big. In fact, do not just allow yourself these simple pleasures in life; insist you do them every single day. Facebook will always be there, your email is usually full of spam anyway. Let’s support each other in getting back to what truly matters in life…our heart connection to every soul on this planet. The egos in the world are going forward faster than those of us connected to our source. So much of that is because we are to busy thinking we must have our heads stuck to our cell phones or we might miss something.

Connecting to source means connecting to self. We are being called to move in a different direction. We are being told by the media what to think, believe, do, and be. It is time to wake up and get back to our Source, to recognize our Oneness. On a very deep level we are all connected. Part of being here together is to assist each other in moving forward. So, turn your phone off for a few hours, forget the dishes, they will not be mad you left them in the sink, wear wrinkled clothes, and get back to honoring the reason you were put here on this earth. Make a commitment to be present and connect on a heart level every chance you get. Turn strangers into friends and hate into love. Above all else, give yourself grace to honor yourself in every sense of the word!

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