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The Great Reset & The New Decade

It's mid-October 2020. The craziest year Collectively of my 52 years of life. I moved three times in nine months over the last year. My parents suddenly and unexpectedly moved in the middle of the pandemic to the Pacific NW which I never thought would happen. We are all close again, just a sea apart. The kids and I are living in a house I dreamed of over 20 years ago. I didn't realize this was the house until after spring had arrived and all the plants suddenly became alive, creating a rain forest like jungle but with a lilac smell! At the time all those years ago, I had no idea where the house was or why it kept coming to me while I was sleeping. The colors were so vivid, the vegetation so alive, the birds, and forest creatures so ecstatically happy. It was a place of magic, rainbows, and fairy dust. One could hear the mystical energies being whispered about on the wings of the hummingbirds. I could feel it as the eagles soared overhead with their mythical, God-like energies. I remember it all so vividly. The organic food growing up, down and all around, basking in the rays of the sun and bathing in the dew from the sea mist. Yet, I didn't intentionally think of this or dream it. All of this came to me, 25+ years ago. Some might say a premonition...I say a Remembering of what my soul needed, to continue, to fulfill it's many life purposes half-way through my time here on earth.

As I reflect on a multitude of what many call coincidences, whether in my waking and/or sleeping hours, I laugh because there are no coincidences in my life. In fact, I can just throw that word out with the baby and the bathwater.... Is that the saying or something close to that?!?! My kids would ask, "Mom, what in the world does that mean...throw the baby out with the bathwater?" I don't remember kids, ask your soul. (ha)

Here's what I know is true for me this year...

I can do more than I ever thought even while navigating my body being out of balance and having some serious hemoglobin issues. Rest when my body says, "No more" has become the one thing I truly listen too. That being said, my body does amazing things for me when it knows there is a deadline, no matter what size, shape or attitude I have towards it. Yet, I have learned (or I should say I am still practicing) loving and appreciating it no matter what while intentionally taking time to rest, which is what it truly is asking of me. I honor that now..."Finally" my meatsuit says!

I have learned that friendships come in and out, like the tides of the ocean. When fear strikes the Collective, one can truly learn an incredible amount about oneself. As many panic and anxiety kicks in high gear, understanding what is ours and what is not becomes an observation in Self that I've never experienced before this year. It has been beautiful and frustrating, simultaneously. So many yins and yangs happening on the daily! Yet, I have finally settled into the deepest of detachment which is magical and something I wasn't raised to understand yet what I feel is the truest form of love.

Normally, a New Year for me starts around mid to late March. I am not sure I have felt the New Year begin in January in my entire life. Confession time though, this year, 2020, I was so excited for the New Year as soon as January blew in. There was a magnetic energy in the breeze. It just felt like..."Yes, this is going to be our decade! Something truly exciting is about to take place on this planet, not just for me but for the entire Collective Oneness." I even told my friend Ginger who knows how I feel about January being the New Year....something about this decade feels tremendously exciting. It wasn't the year, it is was (is) the decade. Ten and a half months into this new decade, I either feel completely exhausted on levels I only somewhat remember during my children's baby years or complete and utter exhilaration. We are birthing something new people. You think I might be crazy....get quiet, turn the screen off, get barefoot on Mother, and feel the vibrations. You can feel the tribal drums, you can hear the chanting, the cracks, and crevices that Mother extends to us in her wisdom. They don't want you to know or believe or even listen. They want you terrified but what they don't truly understand is your soul already knows. Your soul remembers why we are all here at this time. We agreed to create something new. We are not going back. So, buckle up Buttercups, we are about to be catapulted into some real fun. How many believe they can manifest anything? It's past time to ride the wave of being full out in your genius mode. Time to manifest like a Mofo (as I tell my kids).

The the young ones. They know, they remember. Watch them play, take them outside and observe. Ask them questions, be full of wonder. I bet they know they can manifest anything! They will lead you back to your own remembrance and the continued high vibrations we are here to hold.

It is time, to awaken from the slumber, to honor your deepest divine connection, to acknowledge your truth, and most importantly, to let the children and the creatures be the wayshowers. Remember Tahlequah? The killer whale who carried her dead baby for 1000 miles in 17 days during the summer of 2018? Did you listen to her message from Spirit? She is a wayshower, too. She birthed a new baby boy not long ago. She is still showing us the way, through her pain and her elation, what we can create, how we can work with Mother to help heal the Collective.

Very soon, many will look back on this year and be grateful it is over. As stressed as I have felt often, I am in deep gratitude for the shifts taking place, for my awareness that even though I may be "homeschooling" my children, something I never planned, they are my teachers, they are helping me remember....still and they are these amazing, often rough, sometimes polished gems, reminding me I get to chose my attitude every single moment. Even when I want to burn all the masks and have a lightning bolt strike down the collective fear, they remind me to honor that we are all where we are in this giant Ark we call life, floating along. That, truly, it is all a giant movie anyway, so why not throw in fun, laughter and dancing along the way....and even as I learned from a nine and eight year old yesterday while studying fungi in the woods, sometimes it is just about making fart noises...because making (and drawing) farts noises as loud as you can in a competitive type of way can be pretty darn hysterical. Nothing raises the planets frequency like laughter!!

Love to each of you who have read this go outside and make some fart noises!! Oh, and cheers to you for making it through the most turbulent ride down the golden class five river of our lives...only 2.5 months to go... Hang on!!

The shaggy mane pictured above is edible and delicious BUT it has a twin imposter called the "vomiter" that everyone should be aware of. Again, the yin and the yang is all around us!

**Picture credit to myself, Staci French.

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