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Are You Listening to Your God Messages?

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

Photo by Staci French

I live in the moment the majority of the time in my life now. What this means is I now know how to decipher my brain messages from the God (Consciousness) messages AND I move through life listening, as well as acting upon the God messages.

Although, I am in this space most of the time, I am still remembering this as I have lived the majority of this life from my analytical and fear energy, a.k.a., the brain messages. I am astonished almost daily at how life in the FLOW works as I navigate this remembered way of being in the world.

As a culture, we have to do, be, strive, perfect, wait, hurry, go….it is constant motion or FLOW but is it a FLOW of Consciousness? As a culture, we have become a flow of crazy; running, doing, being better being more, buying, consuming, trying to keep up with…hell, we don’t even know what or who we are racing towards or against anymore.

A recent client who was a medical doctor, around 30 years of age said to me, “I just want to go to yoga without feeling as though I have to be decked out in Lululemon, hair, makeup done and kids in soccer.” She didn’t even have kids, she was really looking for her life purpose and had spent her entire life “being” what she thought she was suppose to be. After losing both parents, she was now struggling with whether she was living her true life purpose, realizing life can be very short.

What she had done was forgotten who she was before she chose to become a doctor, when she wasn’t being what she thought she wanted to be, when she wasn’t trying to keep up with society’s vision of her chosen life path. As a doctor, she was told by her employer she was spending way to much time with patients, not seeing enough in one day and this energy which went against her core soul purpose was physically wrecking havoc in her life.

She had stopped listening to her God messages. Instead, she had been sucked into the black hole our earthly bodies have created with our cultural beliefs. Exhausted, severely depressed, crying all the time, she could barely drag herself out of her house to do the things she truly had once taken great pleasure in, including helping her patients through her knowledge of medicine and healing.

I spent almost my entire life in this aforementioned mindset and I taught my oldest daughter to live in this place, too. As I have grown and opened to my life purpose, I have realized there is a different way to chose to be. This is what I call “living by the God messages.” (As a side note, I must say, I do use God, Spirit, Creator, Universe, all interchangeably.)

One way I shifted the energy from living in control, analysis and fear to the FLOW of God is that I spent the last eight years paying attention to the feeling of my thoughts. This started with baby steps, though, because it was a new way of remembering. At first, it only happened when I remembered to feel my thoughts. Then, I noticed myself feeling my way through life more and more each day…not just with my heart, but with my body and soul. I asked myself…How did I feel when I was making a decision? How did my body react physically? Did I want to jump, dance or sing? Did I want to run away as fast as possible or did I feel as though I was about to puke? Was I excited or sweaty? Did I get chills all over? Was my heart racing, thumbing, aching, or whistling with joy? If I felt any kind of yuck, I stopped. I literally visualized a stop sign to stop the brain thought and allowed myself to feel instead.

Over time, my body started taking over and my brain, my thoughts had less power. Feeling my way through life became more of my daily existence than panic, anxiety, fear, control, the “how can I make this happen” or “how will I do this all alone?” I started praying A LOT!! I prayed to God, Buddha, Creator, Spirit, my grandmothers, your grandmothers, my Spirit Guides, my pets who had passed, friends who are on the other side, I would literally say, “To anyone willing to listen!” I prayed for a deeper sense of Consciousness, for a deeper connection to God (myself). I prayed to walk through the world every minute of every day as I am God (Consciousness), whether I was doing the dishes, reading to my kids, volunteering at school, working with a client, hiking in the woods, taking a shower (one of the best times for prayer and visualization…let the water cleanse your soul), scooping cat litter, standing in a line, whatever I was doing, I prayed to BE Consciousness. I prayed for messages to let me know I was on the right path. I prayed for strength and courage to live my purpose, to be used to heal. I prayed to bring those who need me and those I need into my path e-v-e-r-y single day.

AND then….I listened! I got quiet in my soul and I listened. I did not judge, I did not condemn or analyze, I listened. I listened to the animals, I listened to the numbers, I listened when someone said, “Have you read this book or studied this author?” If I got a pulling or tug, I knew they were asking because it is something I need to look into further, so I did. When I met new people, even in line at a store, I would ask, “What lesson or message does this person have for me?” Sometimes, I got an immediate answer. Most of the time, I had more of a feeling that I will know at the exact moment I need to but that time is not right now. So, I would put that in the back of my mind and let go. I knew these were all God messages.

Also, part of this living from the God messages involves me no longer berating myself. If I take a nap, chose to not clean my bathroom, have an Unconscious Day or make my kids go to bed early because I just can not take anymore. I allow myself grace in knowing all is as it should be. For instance, this does not mean I only do things I want and do not do things like laundry that are not so fun. It just means I have remembered that I am all knowing, that Consciousness lives within me always, that we are here again on this planet to love; ourselves and all other beings.

One last big lesson in all of this is that it is simply okay to surrender. Yes, I said the “S” word…Surrender. To say, “God I surrender, I do not want to be Consciousness, I am exhausted, overwhelmed, I can no longer do this. I surrender, please take over.” I have these moments too….

Much love,


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