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Updated: Oct 17, 2020

It is the first day of a new 365-page book we all get to write. A brand new year of possibilities, opportunities, lessons and, if we allow, endless creative prospects. As much sadness as I have felt for the last twenty-four hours, paradoxically, I am looking forward to increasing all of my mindful kindness in every moment of my life, in all interactions starting this first day of the New Year.

What I have come to realize through the deep sadness I have felt is that the year 2015 was one of truly understanding the lesson of self-love and letting go. I spent literally four decades doing everything I could to get those who love me to simply be present with me, to connect at a deep heart level. I learned at a very young age I was not enough. My self-worth became wrapped around attempting to figure out how to make chaos and crazy sane by being a “good” girl, by being a certain way depending on what person I desired to genuinely connect with. Perfection, hiding of my true self, having no personal boundaries, guilt, and eventually the loss of whom I was born to be was all part of my daily routine. I became what I thought those who loved me wanted me to be, needed me to be.

It has taken me forty years to finally figure out the only way I can honestly make a difference in the world is to be true to me, Staci French. What other people think of me, no matter what role they play in my life cards, is absolutely none of my business. Yes, I still work on this daily since it took so many eras to acquire; I know it will be a constant, conscious decision I make…to forever be faithful to me.

I see this awakening happening to many around me and throughout the world. The Universe, God, Krishna, Buddha, the Angels, whatever term you use, is doing everything it (they) possibly can to get us to wake up. Reality is even awake, the only way we can consciously shift the energy on this planet to pure love, is to open our hearts and love ourselves first and foremost. Even our own sun is assisting in this opening of our hearts by spewing new energy from its’ surface catapulting that power onto our planet.

The news media is doing everything they can to make us believe different. We are surrounded and bombarded with negative, horror and straight up crazy. The truth though is we are capable of shifting the evil by bringing it into our collective awareness of the light. There are enormous shifts happening in the Universe. If we can all start to connect with the darkness and allow the cracks of light to seep in, the dark loses power. This makes room for the brilliant light, the real connection we all desire, we all came from. It is impossible to love yourself, to embrace your entire being without excavating your own darkness, break it open and let the light in. It is the path through the fear, the route to the beauty and brilliance of self-love.

We are running out of time, the world needs us all to step up now. We have been wallowing in “what about me” for way to long now. As human soul beings, we have the ability to turn the tide. The Angels are aligned with us, doing all they can to get our attention. Frankly, we need to take ourselves on…now! Self-love!

If you are not there yet, wounded and wondering where to start, message me. We have all been there or are just rolling out of the quicksand ourselves. I am here to serve and we are literally all here to Walk Each Other Home!

Love to all of you…and may 2016 be Your Best Year Ever!!!

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  • Staci French

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

Fall is changing to winter and as I walked through the forest the other day, I realized what a gift nature gives us. The wind was not blowing, but the leaves were falling onto my body at a rapid pace. As more and more released themselves from the trees, I smiled in the truth that Mother Nature has so many lessons for all of us humans. All these gorgeous trees were releasing that which no longer served their growth. It was not that they didn’t love their leaves, they knew that in order to become stronger, taller, more open to the potential growth of their future, they had to let go of what had served their purpose but was no longer needed.

Think about all the things, people, places, that no longer serve you in moving forward with your life. Everyone, every experience is a lesson to us, if we chose to look at it this way. Some people come into our lives for a particular reason and their presence is short lived. Others come to us for seasons and continue to reflect our beauty, our pain, the ability to change. Then, there are times when we must decide if these people are still serving our growth and if we are still serving their growth. Those can be difficult and challenging times because the reality is sometimes we must let go in order to flow forward. Our heart is not always ready to let go, but our soul knows we must travel on if we want to grow stronger, taller and open to our true life potential.

The last three to five years I have let go of many things and it has not been easy. At first, I fought hard, resisted, swearing I knew what I needed and letting go was not what I needed to do. I pushed on those close to me. I did all I could to force them to wake up and get on the conscious party train with me. What I really did was push them away. They weren’t ready, they may never be and it is okay. In all my resistance, I realized I was resisting my own lessons and attempting to make others learn them instead. I was not shedding my leaves, I was holding onto them with all my might, even though I knew they were dead, broken, crumbling, and hastily falling.

When I finally realized the internal battle I had waged upon myself which was affecting all of those around me, I stopped. The problem was, I didn’t know what else to do. This was all I had known my entire life…..hang on, don’t let go, keep dog paddling or you will drown, push, pull, control, but don’t let them see you crying or terrified. I decided the only thing I could do was pray.

The word “God” made me cringe, having been raised in a religion based on fear and control. I had to ease myself into a word that did not feel good in my soul, a word that brought back angry, fearful memories. Eventually, I was able to see God, the Universe, the Angels, myself, as One. I realized, we are the light, doing work of the light, having all come from the light.

I prayed all the time and my prayer went like this, “Dear God, I am scared, I am tired, I am lonely. I do not know what my purpose is in this lifetime but I know it is bigger than what I am living and I know I am here to serve. Please open me God to being your instrument to serve others. Please help me heal myself first so that I may be used by you to help heal the world. Please help me move through the fear, into love, light and healing of my soul. God, I am open to having no control and I am handing over the wheel to you. I do know after all these years, I have never been in control, it was all my own illusion. I love you God and I am here for you to use in whatever way you need. And so it is…Amen.” I said this prayer many times a day for months and nothing happened but I felt better. I knew energy that had been stuck for decades was starting to move through me, I could feel it. My interactions with those close to me started to change. I became quieter, thinking about what was kind before speaking. I was able to put myself in their shoes and stopped attempting to make them what I thought they should be. I didn’t know what else to do so I went inward and begged God to help me let go of the fear and open to love.

Eventually, I started letting my leaves drop and instead of frantically picking them up and trying to put them back on, I just watched them drop. I sent them love, I thanked them for being of service to me, for helping me grow stronger. I literally started living out of gratitude for every single thing in my life. If I lost my car keys, instead of becoming a crazed panicked lunatic, I stopped, said a prayer to my angels asking for their help, took a deep breath and then let go. Within seconds sometimes, I would find my keys, stop, look up and say, “Thank you.” I did this with everything including those reflecting back my own stuff I really didn’t want reflected back.

It has been almost six years since I started this practice. I have let go of a lot of leaves and I have been able to do it each time with love, gratitude and an ability to see they taught me so many wonderful lessons about myself. This growth only happened once I was able to let go of being in control, of being right.

Today, deep gratitude goes out to Mother Nature and all the trees around the world who teach us, if we pay attention, that in order to grow, one must be willing to let go, to take a leap of faith. That allowing your leaves to fall may actually be the one thing that propels your life forward, through the fear, the darkness of winter, the winds of change, the blizzards of snow, into the light and the birth of spring.

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Updated: Oct 17, 2020

What if I told you I had once argued with angels? What if I told you I was sure at that time I was dead? What if the angels told me it wasn’t yet my time? What if I told you angels really truly “fly” beside us as we go throughout our lives on a daily basis? What if I told you those rays of sunlight we so often see are a sign from the angels, a message attempting to get our attention? What if some of those angels were your loved ones who have crossed over? What if the angels simply want us to realize that you too came from the same Divineness, the same Love? No matter what we look like or what our beliefs, the angels want us to know we are all ONE LOVE.

I recently was on a near death experience (NDE) panel at a Living and Dying Consciously conference. I told my story, 34 years after it happened to me, for the first time ever to a room full of over 150 strangers. Fortunately, there were three other simply fascinating women with me on the panel who for the most part, were telling their stories for the first time ever, too.

After telling my story, I felt a release of energy that I did not even realize I had kept in me all of these years. Before we started, we were all nervous, terrified and I believe, wanting to run away. But, we were surrounded by light and love. The energy in the room was that of welcoming, intent listening and somewhat awe as we all had very similar stories. Even for myself, I was amazed when the lady next to me said out loud that the angels told her the exact same thing they had told me and I hadn’t even told my story yet.

So, to those of you who read my blog and that may be two people or 2,000, I do not know but here goes my NDE story…..

When I was thirteen years old, my cousin had a moped. We were visiting a small town where both of my parents grew up and all of our family still lived. My mother told me I was not allowed on the moped and a few minutes later left me at my cousins’ house. Within thirty minutes, I was speeding down the street on the back of the moped with my cousin at the helm. We were looking for her lost dog. As we came up to a stop sign, we saw her mom across the street holding the dog. In the excitement, my cousin pulled out in front of an oncoming car. We got hit from the side (basically t-boned) and my aunt watched it all happen from the sidewalk. My foot got stuck in the grill of the car, then my body hit the windshield and I landed in the street quite a distance from the actual impact. I remember feeling like Dorothy circling in the tornado in the Wizard of Oz. The houses were spinning and I was thinking, “This is kind of cool but I am not sure it is going to end well!” I don’t remember landing. What I do remember is I went from flying in a tornado type of tunnel to a slower speed in a bright golden tunnel toward the heavens. It was extremely bright and warm, I believe very similar to what the birth canal must feel like. There were incredible gorgeous glowing angels with huge wings sitting around. Their light was so brilliant, it was blinding and I had to keep my eyes shut. Yet, I could see with my sixth sense or third eye that I didn’t even know existed before this event. The atmosphere was that of pure love, absolutely nothing else. The feathers on the angels were so soft, white and comforting. I wondered where they found all of those feathers. When I looked down, I could see my body lying in the street. There was a pool of blood by my legs. Kids on their bikes and skateboards were standing around me while an older man held my head. Everyone was staring at me as if I was dead. I saw my grandmother and my aunt. I told the angels I didn’t want to die and kept yelling, “Why are they looking at me like I am dead? Am I dead?” There was such peace even though I felt like I should be panicked. The angels softly told me it was not my time and I was not dead. I was told I had work to do so I was going back. I just kept saying over and over, “But, look at them, they all are staring at me as if I am dead!” I don’t want to die, I don’t want to die, mom needs me even if she is going to want to kill me! At the same time, this amazingly gorgeous, warm, cozy place felt like home. The feeling of coming home, of being where I began was so strong. There was no fear, no anger, no judgment, no anxiety, nothing but love and warmth…total familiarity to my soul. Yet, I had completely convinced myself I was dead as I looked down upon my body. It wasn’t moving, I couldn’t feel it, I wasn’t in it, the people standing around looked very worried. There was blood everywhere and sirens from an ambulance coming down the road. I remember saying over and over to the angels, “Are you sure I am not dead?” They were so gentle, kind, loving, and reassuring. I felt panicked, like I needed to get back there because my mom expected me. Yet, the peace and light wrapped me in warmth I could relate to only through a sense I couldn’t quite understand and it made me question which was the better path.

This was the summer of 1981. I still remember this scene as though it happened yesterday. I went from the warm, bright, blinding, wrapped in love light to being right back in my body. I looked up and saw the man I had seen from above holding my head. I asked him if I was going to die and he said, “No, honey you are going to be okay.” Then, as I lay there in my body, I saw my aunt looking down as though I might just die and I remembered the angels saying, “It isn’t your time. You have work to do.” Even though I could not feel the lower part of my body physically, I knew then I was not going to die.

It has taken me 34 years to write this down. It has taken me 34 years to tell my story. It has taken 34 years and many, many encounters with angels to talk about my experience in the heavens. It was beautiful, loving and warm but we do not talk about death. We fear the unknown. We somehow believe if we do not talk about it, it will not happen to anyone we love, including ourselves. I realized that day dying was nothing to be afraid of but instead was just the moving on to another dimension. I also believed that day was something I could never speak of without others thinking I was crazy. I was headed into puberty full speed when this happened. It was a turbulent time and yet I got a taste of heaven. I got to feel the warmth and unconditional love I believe we all came from but somehow forget once we are here on Earth.

I can now look back on this experience having told my story to all of those strangers a week ago and know I was saved for something bigger. We are ALL here for a bigger purpose!

The angels, the spirits on the other side of the veil, they come to me often. They whisper messages in the wind, on the wings of the eagles, in the eyes of the does, in the dark of the night, in the rays of the sun, in the mouths of my children. Their message is one of love. They want us to wake up and realize we are ALL human first. What race, religion, gender, sex, political status, etc. you are…none of it matters. We are all ONE. Each of us came from the same light of the heavens. In order to turn this planet around, we have to start seeing that light in ourselves first so that we can reflect it back to others so that they may see their way out of the darkness. Shine brightly, you are a mirror, reflect others light, know one day you too will meet the angels and there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of.

In service of love and light….Staci

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